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Software Engineer - Sunnyvale, CA
Title:Software Engineer - Sunnyvale, CA
Pay Rate:Competitive
Work City:N/A
Work State :N/A
Job Duration:6 Months +
Software/System Engineer (Contractor)
Location: Sunnyvale
•       Deployment of  Virtualization (VMware), network share, development tools and database needs
•       Allocate and implement hardware, VMs, network share needs
•       Server implementation, tool installations, DB configurations
•       Integrate between development tools, build tools and other process integrations
•       Tools management (Ex TFS, Jenkins ,  Rally , ALM)
•       Deploy and maintain process flow on user provisioning for all of the tools, infrastructure (VM) and systems
•       Implement network connectivity for all developers to the server/system/tools that are needed for development
•       Submit NCS requests and work with IT to open specific ports in the network
•       Deploy firewall port openings for various services and tools
•       Integrate VM images with the development tools and build process
•       Prepare and customize Build controllers, Build Agents and Build engines for a smooth and efficient build process implementation
•       SMTP server setup & link all email notifications with SMTP server
•       Get custom tool needs from the development community and work towards meeting the needs and integrate them with Automated build environment (Ex Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate)
•       Analyze Open Source tools used and get OSRB approval If any
•       Maintenance of servers, VM instances, tools and systems including running OS upgrades, tool upgrades, running patches , Localization image
•       Implement and Validate that the backups strategy for build and development environment
•       Maintain network shares
•       Create SharePoint portal , Wiki  and maintain it
•       Manage  project containers within version control tool and define proper folders for each application
•       Within version control tool, group common modules to simplify build process
•       Enable user access and define proper permissions on each folder on the version control server
•       Define parallel development practices, branching and merging principles
•       Create branches and enable permissions for certain users
•       Define a merge process and document “how to solve merge conflicts”
•       Develop and Implement source code check-in policies
•       Integrate static code analysis rules with the check-in/build process
•       Integrate code analysis tools (FXCop and StyleCop) with IDEs
•       Define a mechanism to use shelve sets in TFS
•       Define and implement source code labeling (Tagging) mechanism within build process
•       Define and implement source code labeling (tagging) mechanism on milestone achievements
•       Design and implement source code backup and recovery process
•       Help in resolving source code merge conflicts
•       Design Build & Release Plan
•       Prepare blueprint of Build workflow
•       Implement Build & Release process workflow
•       Prepare Continuous Development roadmap including Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing and Continuous Deployments of all source codes 
•       Implement Team Foundation Build layer
•       Automate continuous integration build workflow
•       Liaison between various parties to identify dependencies in product build tasks
•       Create Build Definitions in TFS
•       Integrate Build Definitions to IDEs
•       Implement integration between different tools TFS , ALM , Rally , through IDE and other low level connectors
•       Design build workflow template and use it for all platform/application builds
•       Integrate build notify process on all developer IDEs
•       Implement Build & Release “self-service” support model by documenting all practices and support needs
•       Direct periodic continuous integration builds on the right build controller
•       Integrate automated unit testing from White box engineer of applications into the build process
•       Integrate automated deployment of applications onto the build process
•       Design and enable on-the-fly deployment automation
•       Create, implement and maintain dedicated builds for CV libraries and application layers
•       Analyze automation needs around infrastructure, build and tools
•       Implement automatic recovery process for servers, tools and VMs
•       Create automations for weekly and daily backup process for TFS, Build servers etc.
•       Building interfaces between build/release tools and development tools (Ex IDE integration with source control & continuous integration server)
•       Automate the deployment process on units through Build Labels and Build Detail parameters
•       Design and develop reports that would showcase the following
•       Code Quality
•       Code Review
•       Static Code Analysis
•       Build Reports
•       Build Stability
•       Change Sets
•       File Changes
•       Integrate some of the reports within lower environment build logs
•       Create build components that would build open source applications, libraries etc.
•       Integrate Ronorex based automated testing on Windows Blue
•       Integrate Ranorex reports on to build process
•       Automate deployment and rollback process
•       IF need it deploy  CPS needs and implement CPS/Jump station redirectors
•       If need it Design beacon services on the device so that analytical data is captured from the units
•       Implement a process for Code and App signing
•       Work with Code Sign team to customize and implement a sign tool
•       Implement support model and document clear support request workflow for development operations
•       User Provisioning needs for tools
•       Address user access permission requests
•       Debug and fixing build errors
•       Debug access and connectivity issues
Education and Experience
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent
  • Working experience in Agile software development model
Knowledge and Skills
  • 6+ years on client application, test automation
  • Test management tool experience – TFS, Jenkins, Rally, Quality Center, ALM, JIRA.
  • Experience with Automated build environment (Ex Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate), code analysis tools (FXCop and StyleCop) with IDEs
  • Work experience on integrating and deploy VMware, network share and develop tools for database needs
  • Strong debug and trouble shooting skills
  • Basic idea about client technologies is desired.
  • Work Experience with following OS: Win7, Win8 and popular PC applications
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Fast learner and flexible, be able to adapt to new areas and technologies with less monitoring.
  • Comfortable working in an Agile team setting

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